Cash Forecasting Software For Project-Based Businesses

Make better decisions to effectively grow your business

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Made for the Project-Based Business

FuelGauge is a cloud-based cash flow projection software that puts your past, present and future revenues and expenses at your fingertips, giving you 24/7 online, on-the-go access to revenue forecasting and project capacity planning.

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Manage Project Chaos

Projects start and stop, and restart. Circumstances change. How can you plan for a future you can’t control? By controlling what you can. FuelGauge simplifies project adjustments with drag-and-drop simplicity, helping you maintain peace of mind.

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Control Business Decisions

Do you have the capacity to take on a new client? Will you survive if your biggest client puts projects on hold? Is it time to add a new staff member? FuelGauge gives you the insight you need to make key business decisions whenever and wherever you are. Set monthly financial goals and measure your billing progress with a simple visual meter your whole team can understand.

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Plan with Confidence

We’d all like to have a Magic 8-Ball that will predict our business’ future. Until we do, FuelGauge will help you navigate your planning so you can achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.