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The Who, What, and Why of FuelGauge

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Our History

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17 years ago, laid off and starting a new project-based business from the bonus room in his house, Jeff Kivett managed business the hard way before getting to the million dollar business mark. Spreadsheets, paper, and whiteboards all helped him get through some of the growing pains until he found a better way … a software he designed that is now called FuelGauge.

Exclusively used by his digital ad agency, MediaFuel, Jeff’s team urged him to share his genius software with other project-based businesses, and here we are.

FuelGauge is a cloud-based cash flow projection software that puts your past, present and future revenues and expenses at your fingertips, giving you 24/7 online, on-the-go access to revenue forecasting and project capacity planning.

What We Believe


Core Belief

We believe in hard work and sharing our knowledge and expertise to help project-based businesses manage cash flow chaos, control business decisions, plan with confidence, and prosper peacefully.


Our Vision

Our team will deliver the highest level of customer service and help each other and our customers achieve their full potential.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help project-based small business owners grow their businesses by working more ON their business and not IN their business, giving them greater peace of mind and more time to do what they love.